Holmes In 1983 Hustler Interview & 1983 Playboy Article

Wonderland1981 - The Wonderland Murders

I was aware of the Playboy article in 1983, but I did not know about the Hustler interview which Jill mentioned over the weekend. I found part of it and am trying to find the rest.

There is also that elusive Playboy article from the same year. I was going to surprise everyone with a post but I have never found it. The April, 1983 Playboy article about Holmes and the murders seems like it would be similar to the 1989 Rolling Stone piece by Mike Sager. I am not sure if it’s an interview and I cannot find anything but the magazine cover. I have been looking for months, and the best I can do is order all 12 issues from 1983 on eBay. No thanks. I’ll forget they are in the garage, and down the road my next girlfriend will find them. Never fails.

Let me know if…

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