Requiem for a Heavy Wadd – August, 1988 Article

Great article…

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To read a big section of the lengthy 1983 Hustler interview with Holmes that I found, go here. It’s on my blog.

This 1988 article is long, no pun intended. Caution: Profanity below!! I did not alter the photo, someone else did I guess. You will notice a few of the usual inconsistencies with the facts of his life and of other stuff, albeit with what we know about John today…but it’s an entertaining piece nonetheless. Hell, it’s over 25 years old. As the Big Lebowski once said “new shit has come to light!”. Hopefully Jill can drop a few lines in the comments about this gem!


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August 1988 August 1988 – Hey, I’ve got $4.50.

Requiem for a Heavy Wadd

Courtesy of Hustler Magazine – Anthony R. Lovett – August 1988 

John C. Holmes’s journey from scum sack to body bag.

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