The Ghost of Matagorda Plantation

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This post is about the grandson of the famous Confederate General, John Bell Hood.

Matagorda in winter. Matagorda in winter.

Farmer and former Confederate, David M. Russell, was a wealthy planter who owned a large plantation near Clarksdale, Mississippi. In 1879, he adopted one of John Bell Hood’s orphans after both parents died in New Orleans of yellow fever. A call was put out by friends and this boy, John Jr., and nine other siblings (including three sets of twins) were adopted by families across the southern and northeastern United States.

John Bell Hood, Jr. was raised on Matagorda Plantation during the late 1800s by Colonel Russell. When the aging “Colonel” David Russell passed away in the late 1910s, John, Jr. married Russell’s second and much younger wife, Maggie. After John took over the plantation, it continued to prosper into the 1920s. For John and his once-stepmother/now-wife, they were living the American dream.

Maggie, Robin, John Jr and John III Maggie…

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