5 Years Later: The Laurel Canyon Murders

Wonderland1981 - The Wonderland Murders

Enjoy. It is over 2,000 words and contains a lot of info.

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July 6, 1986

ARNIE FRIEDMAN, L.A. Daily News Staff Writer
Illustration: 7 photos (I wish! Where are they 😉

Lookout Mountain Avenue meanders through the heart of heavily wooded Laurel Canyon, past a few wood-frame and stucco houses perched on hillsides.

Tiny side streets with quaint names such as Hermits Glen and Horseshoe Canyon Road branch off the narrow main avenue as it passes by an elementary school playground.

Wonderland Avenue splits away from Lookout Mountain just past the playground. Its houses are clustered close together.

Five years ago, this neighborhood where residents cling fiercely to their privacy was shattered by a crime so horrible that Los Angeles police at first compared it to the Charles Manson family murders.
Four people were…

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