John Holmes – Wonderland In His Own Words

Wonderland1981 - The Wonderland Murders

Here is part one of the video where John is talking to his ghost writer in the mid-80s. They are in a noisy diner, so turn up the volume. The image used in the video is a screenshot of one of the JH web sites owned by his widow.

Holmes says that he first met the Wonderland Gang when he picked up a cute hitch hiker and she asked to be dropped off there. “I’ll pick up a girl hitch hiking, if she’s reasonably attractive” LOL. What a bullshitter! The people inside then apparently waved him up to come hang out and party. He also is very frightened of David Lind, as you will hear on these tapes. He can’t stop talking about him. In court, Lind gave him the “cut your throat” gesture, with the finger. He also describes Lind as “a big motherfucker”. I have a photo of…

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