Det. Bob Souza: Launius Was A Tough Son Of A Bitch

Wonderland1981 - The Wonderland Murders

Holmes was afraid of Ron Launius, the leader of the Wonderland Avenue Gang. Launius called Holmes “donkey dick,” which would be a compliment to most guys, but it was the way Launius said it, as an insult. Launius used to say to Holmes, “Hey, show ’em your dick. Pull it out.”

You know, Launius just treated Holmes like a butt boy. And Launius was a tough son of a bitch.

So Holmes was shootin’ off his mouth at the Wonderland house about Eddie Nash, and Ron Launius heard him talking. And Launius started asking a lot of questions about Nash: “Has he got any dope? Has he got guns? You know, what’s he got? Got any jewelry in there?”

Ron Launius was a fuckin’ thief from way back, so he’s thinking, Hey, this looks like a pretty good score.The Wonderland Avenue Gang was doing residential robberies at that time…

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