Gary Fontenot, Manager Of The Starwood

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Gary Fontenot was the manager of the Starwood during its heyday in the seventies and until the club closed in 1981. Although we heard a bit about Gary from Lee who worked at the Starwood (read those amazing posts here), not much else was really known about him. Gary was from a large family and he grew up in a very small town in southwestern Louisiana. Like so many others, he headed out west to Los Angeles to seek a better life.

Gary passed away in Honduras in March of 1999. From the information available, it is easy to say that Gary Fontenot was a good man. I thank his brother, Patrick, for answering some of my questions and filling in the blanks.

Rest in peace, Gary.

In Memory of Gary Fontenot. Rest in Peace. In Memory of Gary Fontenot. Rest in Peace.

Here is a start John…keeping in mind that I was living in Victorville California…stationed…

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