Two Rooms Featured at New Starwood

Greetings to all, and not too forget our new and old friends down in Australia and South America. No, you are not weird for wanting to come here and read more about the Wonderland story. Besides, it is quite an amazing and magnetic one.

Apologies for this repost. I am still learning how to use the internet šŸ˜‰ The blog received 650 unique views yesterday, so Wonderland (2003) the movie may have been on in Bulgaria, Australia or something. 450 of those were Google searches.

The live shows mentioned in the article are so old school, when compared to later artists performing at the club (Randi Rhoads, Kevin Dubrow, et al). No wonder Eddie sent his partners packin’ and went with Rock music! The so-called Folk Room would probably break my soul.

Ten years prior to this, when P.J.’s started out, there was a very elaborate puppet show with over 100 puppets/marionettes for the famous burlesque show named “The Dolls of Paris”. There was another show about a clown in a circus. Melancholy! Because the clown is really Jesus, which is not obvious until the very sad ending of the show. All of the puppet shows were by the Krofts, and received rave reviews. Which is all in the chapter about the Starwood/PJ’s. And… it is all in my book!