Former Nash Attorneys News Round-Up

Eddie Nash had many lawyers in his life, and probably near as many girlfriends. This is what some of them have been up to in these pandemic times.

Ed Rucker is busy writing books. This Twitter link is to a very informative 2019 Ed Rucker interview regarding his Bobby Earl series of legal thrillers:

Former Nash attorney, Donald Re, tried his hardest, but could not get Robert Durst off the hook for the murder of Susan Berman. This is fresh news this month; sentencing phase is next.

You gave it your best effort, Mr. Re… but there was no saving that psycho, albeit the 100% circumstantial evidence and useless, no value witnesses ponyed up by the State.

Leslie Abramson, yes, that lady… briefly represented Eddie in 1989 but then switched to try and help the Menendez boys. I guess Eddie would not wear a salmon-colored cashmere college boy sweater. She also briefly repped for Phil Spector in his murder trial… oh how the comedy ensued!

Leslie is now retired. Sometimes, she writes a book or gives a lecture. On the TV, she has been portrayed by the likes of Eddie Falco and Julia Sweeney. I love you, Leslie. Stay true blue!