The ‘Grey Gardens’ of the South

The Grey Gardens of the South

by Karen Cox

Click here to read the article over at Southern Cultures dot com. If you are interested in Southern history – tales and stories from America – then the Southern Cultures web site is just what Dr. Watson ordered.

Today’s story is generally known as the Goat Castle Murder. Goat Castle is a crummy old mansion past her prime, just like Miss Havisham. The glory days are over. You guys are well read, so I am sure most have heard about it. In a way… this story is the original Grey Gardens, but Goat Castle is also a true crime murder story with a fine sprinkling of folklore and criminal justice (or injustice) to pull you in head first. And plenty of comic relief. Warning: it was the dawn of the housedress. Those are still around.

Enjoy. Here’s a teaser. I am getting dangerous learning how to use these blog web design widgets 😉

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