All Wonderland Players Quite Interesting, Even Rico

Bill “Rico” Vlick is the jackass criminal you don’t hate to love. You just hate him. Rico lived a block from 8763 Wonderland … he was Nash’s age at the time (about 51). I wonder if Billy D and Joy ever held hands in the dusk hour and walked over to hang with Rico and MoMo? (read teaser page below) Sadly Bill is gone. I couldn’t occam razor which house was his. Too much had changed in 40 years. It was low rent when 1981 happened… now you need 13 roommates to rent there. Sadly, Rico died a few years ago at a very old age in Vega$. Oh well RIP.

LAPD cops Lange and Souza hated him, LOL. (read their book Malice in Wonderland) Good cops just hate lifetime criminals. Their interactions with perps are so funny to me.