The History of Bobbie Joe & Skidmore, MO USA… by Experiment53

The following post presents a unique genius, underappreciated, under-known, this filmmaker! A man of mystery… but aren’t we all on the webs. EX53 mostly does weird crimes, killers, so viewer-discretion. He was the first to get a study video out when ONS-EAR AND RANSACKER was ID’ed and busted. That news alert creeped me out.

“Experiment 53” is one of the best story-tellers and directors on YouTube. He has not gotten famous yet on that platform. Go figure~ if you watch and happen to like one of his true stories, please consider leaving a fresh comment or like on YT.

I thought I knew everything about Skidmore Missouri, KenRex etc. I read a dog-eared paperback once. I was wrong. I didn’t know all. I watched that Brian Dennehy made-for-TV movie while a kid in school and it’s still creepy… it ruined Brian Dennehy for me. I didn’t like Robin Williams for awhile after One Hour Photo (he did a #2 in their house). Also, it was… and is… the only time I condone shooting anyone in the back. Man, I never thought I’d feel sorry for Ken McElroy… or his abandoned widows & underage wives.