Liberace’s Lover Shot in Robbery

This incident occurred after Nash’s acquittal while Jess was in witness protection. If the suspect is acquitted, then I have read from a few witnesses that their support for protection, money, etc. is sort of half-ass… it’s like you are bothering them if the witness makes requests or needs money, etc. – I can totally see the authorities behaving that way – a worthless witness in their eyes who could not deliver the conviction.

Once he got better from the bullet wounds, Jess found Jesus and a nice Christian lady eventually took him in; this became a common-law relationship. He then moved to Maine for ten years. It was a strange relationship to say the least – they only did it once she later explained. The good news is that Scott kept out of trouble for most of the 1990s.

As for the shooter, Melvin Owen – looks like he served four years of a six year sentence. That’s a hell of a plea bargain!! instead of attempted murder. This era was the time to be on the wrong side of the law I guess – with all this weak punishment due to overcrowding, etc. Four years for attempted murder… on the contrary, Scott did about ten years for identity theft, using stolen credit cards. Also, when you fail several drug tests, the judge will eventually rule “You are not a celebrity- you’re a story!” That’s what he actually said to rebuff the defendant’s claims of not being able to cope with his past (why he smokes crystal meth).

Upon Melvin’s release, G-money went right back inside for another crime a short while later. Poor ole Mel drops off the radar in 2012. I hope he is doing ok 😉

Florida DOC Inmate Website