Death of Big Mobster Goes Unnoticed by Media For Weeks

–Torrio was the main mentor to Alphonse Capone–

From 1957…

Johnny Torrio got his start and found mischief in about 1902 in NYC. Nicknamed “The Fox” for his brains and cunning, John was also once a member of the old-timey, infamous Five Points Gang.

At the time of his death in 1957, the Fox was probably the last of the early pre-five-families mob bosses. This post is simply about how the media missed his death for a few weeks. Torrio was one of a handful of big names to have lived a full life – dying of old age more or less.

1957 though was a helluva year…to the media’s cred… a laundry list of exciting mafia events had occurred that year, such as – the Apalachin mob meeting fiasco and its after effects, Albert Anastasia, yes…the Lord High Executioner… was gunned down in a hotel barber shop, and of course Frank Costello somehow dodged a point blank bullet to the head and thus voluntarily went into retirement. Al Capone was already dead too, having died of syphilis ten years prior. Let the good times roll.

Some big Wonderland posts are coming this week, in lieu of some final fact-checking.

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