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“A large segment of the population continues to be fascinated by the Wonderland murders. It’s not only an unsolved mystery, it’s a quintessential L.A. story of the 80s: drugs, sex, excess, night clubs, gangsters, and porn stars” –Rodger Jacobs

Wonderland1981 is about Strange and Bizarre History and encompasses just about any subject. Because of urban legends and disinformation out on the web, I started this blog in order to document all that I could find on the Wonderland Murder saga which occurred in 1981 (yeah, the movie was good too). It has grown from there to include various articles and stories from the annals of history. I always list my sources and I give credit where credit is due.

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I am a laid off NASA web content specialist, knowledge management and data mining person. Don’t get laid off, it sucks. I am also a researcher, amateur screenwriter, history buff and classic rock music connoisseur. I can find information on the web because I know how to search for it. Most people do not and give up. So please let me know if you need help on a project. Once a story grips me, I end up doing endless research to find what I can and document it. I have penned two screenplays, a graphic novel but the industry is so diluted right now with artists, writers and agents that I cannot for the life of me find any agency to help me or even review my stuff. C’est La Vie, I guess. That is another reason I started this blog, as an outlet to share my knack for writing, researching, and to showcase my interests and stories. Some of the posts are written by yours truly (see the Liberia file, under “African Studies” in the Topics section.

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