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  • John 12:24 pm on November 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: child star, death of Carl Switzer, tragedy   

    The Life and Death of Alfalfa 

    The Death of Carl Switzer looks like it was not self-defense – but was murder after all. To make things more confusing, he went by Bud. Surprisingly, this has got to be one of the best documentary bios I have ever watched – and it produced by a local YouTuber. He covers many other interesting people from history. The heavy nostalgia is ripe today – it’s a thick, soaked quilt, sewn from the fabric of time.

    Happy Veterans Day! I just found out at the bank drive-thru. Stay Safe, kids.

  • John 8:27 am on November 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    The Murder of Dolly Reynolds 

    The setting for this story is New York City during the Gilded Age.  What could be better?

    You may read about the case here… the Strange Company blog is very cool. I hope you have a day or two to invest the time. This typical “link dump” for example is simple, yet outstanding.

    A large Wonderland data dump coming this week to Patreon 😉

    Strange Company blog
  • John 11:28 am on November 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Chronicles of crime   

    The Good Ole Days Were Anything But… 

    Back in the old days, one thing was for certain… killers and crooks were not showing off or falling behind.

    There are three volumes in the Chronicles of Crime. That’s over a day of guilty pleasure listening to old, bizarre cases… splendidly recited, with great tone and mood.

    Of course,, there had to be a market for these kinds of books back then, possibly through a street vendor who hawked crime pamphlets & penny dreadfuls and not at a fine bookshop say in Belgravia or on 5th Avenue. Luckily someone saved this stuff and it’s public domain.

  • John 9:42 am on November 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    10 Year Anniversary Special 

    That is correct. 10 years, on and off with feverish participation or periods of inactivity – I always monitored and managed comments and emails. Thanks all, you are in for some sweet true crime posts this weekend.

    Let us also pray for the victims of crime everywhere. May the perpetrators one and all get busted via familial DNA – clean out the old folks’ homes! As is currently happening. God bless all of the big-time and amateur sleuths. 🔍

    ~ RIP Elsie Hilair ~

  • John 5:32 pm on November 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: tango pirates   

    Modus Operandi of Lounge Lizards & Tango Pirates in Old New York 

    An outrageous article from 1917 regarding gigolo grifters in New York City, how they don’t work and instead prey on loneliness via their methods for seducing rich ladies.

    You might recall my old long-form story about young murder victim, Elsie Hilair, from a few years ago 😉 Click here

    Let this be a lesson to ya~ I was on the fence in support of the lizards until I read about their “tight trousers”…

    Seriously, if the evidence box is still in storage, it is time to pull some DNA, and run it thru 23 and Me to catch this 138 yr old killer… or at least make his descendants & relatives feel awkward on the 10pm news. Hopefully he can’t blame his twin!

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday Magazine, 8 April 1917, pg. 4


    Investigation following murder of Mrs. Elsie Hilair reveals blackmailing activities of professional “escorts,” many of them ex-convicts, who prey on weak-willed women–How the crew of dancing men operates.

    UNDER dank stones covered with fetid mosses and beneath decaying logs the wood lizard is born, a repulsive reptile. In the cloying warmth of the New York tango parlors, with its sickish-sweet atmosphere, another variety of lizard has its habitat: the “lounge lizard,” also a repulsive reptile.

    The wood lizard is as old as the world–the lounge variety is a development of the past three years. The latter variety is a parasite which preys on weak-willed women. He is known to the New York police also under the names of “parlor snake,” “slippery chameleon” and “tango pirate.”

    When the afternoon tea dance craze swept the East it brought with it the “lounge lizard.” At first he was difficult to isolate, but he is readily recognized now, with his slickly parted hair, his tight-fitting trousers and spike-tailed coat.

    While the police have had a general idea of the activities of these parasites, it was not until the murder of Mrs. Elsie Hilair in a downtown New York hotel a few weeks ago that complete details of their work have become known, The woman was found strangled in bed and much valuable jewelry had been stolen. It was learned that for nearly two years Mrs. Hilair, the wife of a well-to-do Brooklyn man, had been a habitue of tango tea resorts, unknown to her husband, and it was while following up clews in the case that the police were enabled to make a detailed study of the “lounge lizard” and his activities.

    In most of the afternoon dance resorts of New York professional dancers are employed to look after unescorted women, shoppers usually, who drop in for tea and an hour or so of dancing. The professionals usually wear white or pink carnations and, under direction of a “hostess,” or official introducer, select their partners. Their fixed salary is about $1.50 a day

    (This is 1919–ed.), but in most “parlors” they are allowed to receive tips from the women to whom they have been devoting their terpsichorean talent.

    One tip will occasionally amount to more than a week’s salary. In other places the men are not permitted to take tips, but are allowed to eat and drink at the expense of the women guests, and they receive a percentage of the money spent under their guidance.

    Not all of these professionals are “lounge lizards,” however. Some are satisfied with the “honest craft” which is obtained through the means outlined above. Others are blackmailers.

    The work of the tango lizard is done in this way.

    He arrives at the parlor–there are hundreds of them scattered around Greater New York–early in the afternoon. The lights are low and perfume has been sprayed in all corners of the room. Couples are gliding over the floor.

    About several tables are unescorted women watching the dancers and keeping time with their feet. Obviously they are anxious to dance, but they have no partners.

    Soon the lizard selects his victim. He makes himself as entertaining as possible, and after the dance, heads her to a table, at the same time nodding to a waiter. A cocktail is ordered. Dance follows dance, and usually

    cocktail follows cocktail, until the woman, probably the wife of a substantial citizen, realizes the hour and prepares to go home. The bill is called for and on this occasion is usually paid for by the “lizard.”

    The woman departs, in many cases announcing that she had such a delightful time that she will be sure to return. The “lizard” is waiting for her. By the end of the second day he usually has gained the confidence of his victim to such a degree that she is in his power to an extent not realized by the woman. Then the blackmailing begins.

    When the bill for refreshments is brought the “lizard” remembers that he has forgotten to bring his money with him. So embarrassing, you know?

    Usually the woman, without any further suggestion, offers to lend him $10 or $20, as the need may be. He accepts it as a loan, to be repaid tomorrow.

    The woman is never allowed to pay a check. There is usually change coming back and the “lizard” has uses for the money.

    The next day nothing is said of the loan. The man has apparently forgotten all about it and the woman hasn’t the nerve to ask for the money.

    Later on the tango lizard gets bolder.

    (Yes, that is the end)

    I LOVE these old articles!

  • John 2:23 pm on November 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Liberace’s Lover Shot in Robbery 

    This incident occurred after Nash’s acquittal while Jess was in witness protection. If the suspect is acquitted, then I have read from a few witnesses that their support for protection, money, etc. is sort of half-ass… it’s like you are bothering them if the witness makes requests or needs money, etc. – I can totally see the authorities behaving that way – a worthless witness in their eyes who could not deliver the conviction.

    Once he got better from the bullet wounds, Jess found Jesus and a nice Christian lady eventually took him in; this became a common-law relationship. He then moved to Maine for ten years. It was a strange relationship to say the least – they only did it once she later explained. The good news is that Scott kept out of trouble for most of the 1990s.

    As for the shooter, Melvin Owen – looks like he served four years of a six year sentence. That’s a hell of a plea bargain!! instead of attempted murder. This era was the time to be on the wrong side of the law I guess – with all this weak punishment due to overcrowding, etc. Four years for attempted murder… on the contrary, Scott did about ten years for identity theft, using stolen credit cards. Also, when you fail several drug tests, the judge will eventually rule “You are not a celebrity- you’re a story!” That’s what he actually said to rebuff the defendant’s claims of not being able to cope with his past (why he smokes crystal meth).

    Upon Melvin’s release, G-money went right back inside for another crime a short while later. Poor ole Mel drops off the radar in 2012. I hope he is doing ok 😉

    Florida DOC Inmate Website
  • John 6:28 pm on November 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bobbie joe, experiment53, skidmore,   

    The History of Bobbie Joe & Skidmore, MO USA… by Experiment53 

    The following post presents a unique genius, underappreciated, under-known, this filmmaker! A man of mystery… but aren’t we all on the webs. EX53 mostly does weird crimes, killers, so viewer-discretion. He was the first to get a study video out when ONS-EAR AND RANSACKER was ID’ed and busted. That news alert creeped me out.

    “Experiment 53” is one of the best story-tellers and directors on YouTube. He has not gotten famous yet on that platform. Go figure~ if you watch and happen to like one of his true stories, please consider leaving a fresh comment or like on YT.

    I thought I knew everything about Skidmore Missouri, KenRex etc. I read a dog-eared paperback once. I was wrong. I didn’t know all. I watched that Brian Dennehy made-for-TV movie while a kid in school and it’s still creepy… it ruined Brian Dennehy for me. I didn’t like Robin Williams for awhile after One Hour Photo (he did a #2 in their house). Also, it was… and is… the only time I condone shooting anyone in the back. Man, I never thought I’d feel sorry for Ken McElroy… or his abandoned widows & underage wives.

  • John 4:00 pm on November 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    All Wonderland Players Quite Interesting, Even Rico 

    Bill “Rico” Vlick is the jackass criminal you don’t hate to love. You just hate him. Rico lived a block from 8763 Wonderland … he was Nash’s age at the time (about 51). I wonder if Billy D and Joy ever held hands in the dusk hour and walked over to hang with Rico and MoMo? (read teaser page below) Sadly Bill is gone. I couldn’t occam razor which house was his. Too much had changed in 40 years. It was low rent when 1981 happened… now you need 13 roommates to rent there. Sadly, Rico died a few years ago at a very old age in Vega$. Oh well RIP.

    LAPD cops Lange and Souza hated him, LOL. (read their book Malice in Wonderland) Good cops just hate lifetime criminals. Their interactions with perps are so funny to me.

  • John 3:10 pm on October 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: guy fawkes, Halloween   

    Guy Fawkes Night Was a RIOT! 

    From…. “Street Life in London”- 1877.

  • John 10:05 am on October 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: christian hosoi, ramp skate, socal, Tony hawk   

    Rising Son – The Christian Hosoi Story 

    I was watching an old CSI Miami this morning, and Tony Hawk guest- starred, but was only shown a few times as a dead famous skater corpse. This was an old David Caruso episode, so maybe Tony was trying to get into acting 15 yrs ago. Anyway, it reminded me of this…

    By the way, Rising Son is a great skateboarding and SoCal culture film. And it is free~ Have a great day!

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