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    Specter of AIDS Triggers Deathly Fear in Porn Industry 

    Thanks to steeladdict for sharing.

    Here’s an article related to the LA porn industry in 1987. A couple interesting quotes from Amerson including (words to the effect) “AIDS might be a good thing for the porn business” and “Gay porn actors would be better off robbing liquor stores”.

    Bill Amerson at the 6th annual Erotica Awards. Early 80s.

    Specter of AIDS Triggers Deathly Fear in Pornography Industry
    RUSSELL KISHI. Los Angeles Times. Aug 16, 1987.

    The perennially controversial and perennially lucrative pornography industry, which tends to shrug off the bruises it receives from government and moral activists, is deathly afraid of the latest threat against it.

    Insiders have generally viewed government studies and the occasional publicity from underage actresses as something of a nuisance rather than a threat. The government itself, after all, estimates porn profits last year at between $8 billion and $10 billion. And the industry estimates that Americans rented 104 million X-rated videocassettes from video retailers last year in spite of the negative publicity.

    New, More Serious Threat

    But the specter of the sexually transmitted disease AIDS could very possibly damage the X-rated film industry in ways that legislation and law enforcement could never hope to achieve.

    It is an alarming prospect, perhaps, but a logical conclusion based on conversations about the acquired immune deficiency syndrome with people who produce hard-core films and a law enforcement officer who has spent 15 years studying the phenomenon in Southern California-generally considered the capital of the porn industry.

    “There have been people in the pornographic business who have been diagnosed with AIDS,” said Sgt. Don Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department’s vice division.

    “Now the scare is in and the industry is absolutely afraid of AIDS.”

    “Because of that, it’s harder to get people to come into the industry. I know of two sources who have reportedly got AIDS in the industry. By sources (I’m referring to) performers. I really can’t comment any further on it, but (details will be) coming out shortly.”

    Sharon Mitchell, a 12-year veteran of pornographic films, disagrees.

    “That’s a rumor,” she said of the reports of AIDS among porn actors. “It’s not so. It’s hearsay.”
    Mitchell, who estimates she has performed sexual acts in approximately 700 films, said: “A lot of people seem to love the gossip factor. Those two people who have been accused do not have AIDS. I have been with them and they both deny it.”

    It is difficult to elaborate or speculate on Smith’s statements because of the very nature of the business itself-a business that prides itself in its ability to protect its performers under a First Amendment umbrella.

    Beyond that, Bill Amerson’s 20 years in the pornographic trade tell him that if any performer had indeed tested positive for AIDS, they would not necessarily be willing to disclose the finding to their co-workers.

    Carrying Tales Out of School

    “I don’t think anyone would tell anybody,” Amerson said matter-of-factly.
    Amerson’s position in hard-core films might be comparable to the so-called moguls who established and reigned over the major movie studios during Hollywood’s most prolific era.

    He moved away from conventional film production and gravitated toward pornographic features during the late 1960s as it became clear that the nation’s moral standards were becoming more liberal and a huge profit could be made as hard-core films moved from peep shows to big screens.
    He still maintains a production and distribution facility in the San Fernando Valley, but complains that the porn trade is “no longer fun,” in large part because of the AIDS crisis. Despite accumulating a fortune of several million dollars he is looking to abandon the business entirely.

    “It’s not a good thing for the country that people are getting AIDS,” Amerson said, “but as far as the pornography thing goes, maybe it is a good thing.

    “To me, porno is getting worse. It’s getting sleazier, more disgusting. I haven’t shot a picture for six, eight months. I probably will not shoot any more X-rated films. I just don’t have the heart, the feeling for it anymore.

    “I’m tired of dealing with the dregs of humanity.”

    And those sentiments, he insisted, are shared by many porn performers.

    “I talked to Jamie Gillis the other night,” Amerson said of a former leading man who might be described as a B-grade John Holmes in the hierarchy of porno stars.

    “He called me from New York. Jamie’s driving a taxi. He said he’s waiting for some R-rated work. He said he will never make another X-rated film.

    “These are the smart people. I was with Amber (former queen of X-rated films) last week. I had lunch with her. She said, `You can’t get me in front of a camera with somebody else.’

    “The people who don’t have a lot of intelligence, people who think it (AIDS) can’t, it’s never going to happen to them” will continue to work in hard-core films, Amerson said.

    “And there are people who just don’t care. Most of the time they’re jacked up on drugs. Unfortunately our industry is full of it.”

    Estimates are that an unknown performer can earn between $500 and $750 per day working in hard-core films. A proven moneymaker can earn between $1,500 and $2,000 a day.

    But, “It’s usually a very short-lived career,” Smith said.

    “A lot of girls are what we call `six-monthers.’ After that, they get burned out. Some of the big stars are completely burned out after two or three years.”

    Although the careers are short, the risk of AIDS is intense.

    “You’ve got numerous sexual partners,” Smith said. “You have sodomy. . . . The majority of the people that I’ve talked to have been involved in drugs, and by that I mean intravenous drug use. So you’ve got to say there are two strikes against them (in terms of AIDS risk).”

    Performing in hard-core homosexual films, Amerson said, “is like playing Russian roulette with six bullets.

    “If I were gay, instead of making a gay film I would rather rob a liquor store if I needed money that badly,” he said.

    “The worst thing that could happen would be you’d go to jail.”

    The overall risk has been further complicated, Smith added, with the advent of bisexual, or “crossover” films.

    “You have homosexual males and females involved in the same film,” Smith said. “Many performers who have been involved in sexually explicit male films have made the crossover and are now doing the bisexual films.

    “Because of that you would think there would be a greater possibility that someone within the industry would contract (AIDS) and end up giving the disease to someone in the heterosexual industry as a result.”

    John H. Weston, legal counsel for the Adult Film and Video Assn. of America, said it has become commonplace for producers he represents to demand AIDS testing of all performers before a single frame is shot.

    “Many of the actors and actresses themselves are utilizing safe sex techniques,” Weston said. “Some women are using a particular spermicide which has apparently been medically sanctioned as being protective against AIDS. Many of the men are increasingly using condoms.

    “I think AIDS at the production level is a factor. It’s a phenomenon. People are going to have to function in a very careful, protective way. I think they should. Nothing is worth a human life.”
    One person who sees no reason to change is Mitchell.

    “I don’t participate in any high-risk sex,” she said. “Since the AIDS crisis we have outlawed anal scenes by our own choice.

    “I don’t feel pressured by (the AIDS epidemic). I like the people. I’ve found my niche.”

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    20 Years Porn Myth 

    I used Google Chrome to translate this article to English from a news web site in South America. Thus, it may read a bit funny…and by funny, I mean funny.

    …needed snorting a line of coke every 15 minutes of exercising hustler to pay the high price of their consumption and, on the sets, needed the help of three fluffers (the meritorious who practiced fellatio the actors before shooting) to lift your tool.

    The article is observing the 20th anniversary of John’s death and basically summarizes his life and career. By the way, this past March was the 25th anniversary of John’s passing. The article is more funny than anything else, due to the translation, but it’s also the first talk of “fluffers” being needed on the set. That’s good work if you can get it and a nice bullet for someone to put on their CV/resume.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    “20 Years Porn Myth” (that is the translated title, LOL)

    On the afternoon of March 13, 1988, a man dying in a hospital in Los Angeles. It was registered under the name of John Curtis Holmes and trailing colon cancer due to the effects of AIDS, which had contracted two years earlier. He died that day “with open eyes,” remembers Laurie, his second wife, as if he had looked death and told him: “Here I am.” (after he died, I read that Laurie tried to close his eyes, like in the movies, but they would not stay closed)

    A photo of Holmes in the county jail. I had not seen this one before today.

    A photo of Holmes in the county jail. I had not seen this before today.

    After 20 years of his death, the figure of John Holmes is still alive in the memory of those who work in the adult entertainment industry. Because Holmes was everything from gay prostitute to compulsive drug (user) from a police informer to luxury gigolo, but, above all, was the porn actor most famous in history. And all because of what he had between his legs: A 35-centimeter penis erect which established him as a sexual myth alive.

    John Curtis Holmes was born in Pickway (Ohio) on August 8, 1944. He had a happy childhood and, aged 18, moved to California in search of fortune, in the topical version of the American dream. In 1968, when he was engaged to dance at clubs striptease and had posed for various magazines, went to pee in the toilet of a Gardina poker room and met a professional photographer named Joel, who, seeing his apparatus , he proposed to work in the fledgling porno industry. It was a time of sexual revolution, counterculture hippy and hallucinogenic drugs, in which the film was being shot underground and short film format without arguments or excuses dramatic. In that environment, the 35 inches (centimeters? LOL) of Holmes were the main asset of the industry.

    With the legalization of porn in America, in 1970, John Holmes became the undisputed star of the genre. It was thanks to the character of Johnny Wadd, a detective cheeky and always ready to use his metaphorical gun that had invented the director Bob Chinn. “The first film in the series cost $ 750, of which 75 took them John, and we shot in one day,” says Chinn, who commanded that film in New York, home of the porn market in the early seventies, and was ordered to make more movies with the character. In the skin of Wadd, John Holmes to glory and then some. It was believed that both his character ended up being a police informer.

    That was the first of the curious contradictions of Holmes. The second had to do with their relationship with the drug. Addicted to tranquilizers from young, Holmes went into the dangerous world of cocaine in the mid-seventies. A decade later, needed snorting a line of coke every 15 minutes of exercising hustler to pay the high price of their consumption and, on the sets, needed the help of three fluffers (the meritorious who practiced fellatio the actors before shooting) to lift your tool. Drugs also earned him legal problems, such as the murder charge that weighed on him for having been involved in the killing of a drug ring in Hollywood.And they brought him to AIDS, the disease that led to death 20 years ago yesterday.



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      Dang, what a handsome devil…..lol

    • localarts 8:49 am on August 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      LOL. Yes, devil indeed.

    • Jill C. Nelson 2:43 pm on August 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Taking into consideration there is something to be said for getting lost in translation, Holmes was not addicted to tranquilizers as a youth and porn was not legalized in 1970. The production of adult films was legalized in 1988 in the state of California alone with the Freeman decision – ironically, 6 months after Holmes’s death.

      For me, the funniest part of this article is the false statement that Holmes had a happy childhood…

      I’d say this piece is a very good example of how rumours and misinformation becomes accepted as truth.

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    Pornstar Dead At 43 

    This article was published right after John died of AIDS. Holmes’ fellow porn actor, manager and producer friend, Bill Margold, has some ridiculous things to say about John’s illness and lifestyle.

    After being released from jail in November of 1982, John got right back into porn and he also did some gay porn. Johnny Wadd needed the money for his hobbies. One of the gay pornstars that he first worked with was Joey Yale. Yale died of AIDS a few years later on April 18, 1986. He had full blown AIDS, so needless to say, he was probably carrying the virus back in 1983 when he and Holmes starred in The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes, aka John Holmes Goes Gay. It is not a shock that most of the other actors who appeared in that film are also dead, likely from AIDS.

    Certainly, John was into drugs. He freebased cocaine and snorted it. He also liked to smoke pot, drink Scotch, and yes, he spent about a year in county jail. You cannot contract AIDS from those things. That’s why Margold’s comments make no sense at all. He was talking out of his ass and was obviously distracting the argument away from AIDS and the porn industry, especially since Joey Yale, Holmes’ costar, had died two years earlier from the disease.

    Nice try, Margold. Shakedown, breakdown.. yer busteddd!

    The Union Democrat. March 14, 1988.

    The Union Democrat. March 14, 1988.

    • Mike Morrison 10:58 pm on August 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      My brother got fucked in the ass by Joey Yale in a porn loop made in the early 70s. I think it was called “The Big One’s Here”. Since my brother is still alive, I guess Yale didn’t have AIDS at that time. Anyway every now and then at family events we’ll queue up the Bell and Howell projector and view the loop. We have always been very proud of my brother. He also acted in a number of other films in the early 70s, like “Men of Big Sur”, “Come of Age”, and “Erotikus”.

      • John 11:10 am on August 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for that info, Mike. Post here anytime!! That’s a classic story you told.

      • Mike Crawford 4:22 pm on July 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        fuckin creepy

    • Paul 3:54 pm on November 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      You watch your brother have sex?? That’s disgusting and not normal.

    • Karen 4:08 am on November 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Iol I don’t think he actually sat and watched his own brother he just have common knowledge he knows both guys did gay porn

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    Holmes’ AIDS Death Gives Porn World Little Concern 

    Part of the fun in finding old news articles is of course, learning otherwise unknown information, and most importantly to shed light on erroneous or obscure data regarding Wonderland.

    This 1988 article however is completely full of beans.

    Just a few observations. I also left in movie showtimes so you could see what was at theaters the month and year that Johnny Wadd died. Action Jackson!

    • Pornstar Seka still believed the phoney baloney about Holmes having colon cancer. He lied about it, so he could still perform in porn. That has to be the most evil thing he had done, after the murders and almost ruining Dawn’s life.
    • To my knowledge, none of the women he worked with had ever gotten AIDS, so it’s been said he contracted it from his work in gay porn, when he was really down and out, broke as a church mouse.
    • Holmes was also not an intravenous drug user as Mr. Margold states. He loved to freebase. This is the reason he clashed with heroin addicts. It’s two different worlds, and two different types of drugs.
    • Margold did not think Holmes had the scumbag ability to do porn, knowing that he had AIDS. Geez, how little these people knew about the real Holmes and his lack of scruples. I wonder if Margold has since died of AIDS?
    • Amerson says Holmes was killed by not listening to doctor’s advice. If that will kill you, then I should have died about ten times.
    • Niekerk states that it’s ridiculous to makes such a big deal out of Holmes having AIDS and being a porn star.
    UPI Article. 1988.

    UPI Article. 1988.

    • localarts 12:37 pm on April 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Carl Weathers was pretty cool as Action Jackson. Holmes…well it shouldn’t come as a suprise he continued to make porn flicks even knowing the virus he carried could potential take the lives of those he “worked” with. Holmes was a sociopathic monster who only cared about himself.

      And yes, having aids and being an active porn star is a big deal.

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