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    A Former Nash Employee Provides Clarity 

    This tidbit comes as a bookend to the Dominic Fragomeli story but opens up a world of possibilities. I did a blog post about Dom a few months ago. This incident occurred in November, 1981. Diles had his shootout with the cops during the July raid. Check the Wonderland Timeline:

    November 25, 1981

    Police search Nash’s home for a second time after the drug overdose death of a guest (24 yr old Dominic Fragomell who had been living at the home for 5 months). Cops find more than 2 lbs. of cocaine and heroin, quaaludes, and opium. Nash and Diles are arrested on narcotics charges. Both men had been on bail from the July 10 raid and arrest.

    A young man that worked at one of Ed’s clubs back in the day, will most likely be providing the blog with a few stories from time to time. Here’s what he sent me today.

    I lived at G’s house in Studio City at the time. (manager of one of Ed’s businesses). I know ALL KINDS of stuff! (I knew) Dominic and Mazzechelli, Dom’s girlfriend, Dezi, and all the rest. Dominic’s death was the excuse the cops needed to get past Ed’s political connections so they could conduct the raid. When the raid happened, Something very surprising was found in a back bedroom. Spelling is probably not correct but I’ll try. “Adnom Bashion”. Titular head of the Israeli mob (with a 15 year old girl). Israeli mob hits had a signature.. SPLATTER!  connect the dots?


    I have also reached out to private eye, Nils Grevillius.

    Stay tuned…

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      Oh boy! This blog is getting better and better each day.


    • John 2:17 pm on October 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I believe the man he’s referring to is Amnon Bachahiam, 48 years old in 1981. Amnon only comes up on this site, when you do a Google search.


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    Eddie’s Kit Kat Club In 1982 

    Get out your bucket list! The Kit Kat is here.

    This is a true crime blog and much of the theme centers around John Holmes. Thus, we are all a bit thick skinned, no pun intended, when it comes to seeing skin. If you don’t want to see clothed strippers (early 80s strippers), then go no further. You’ve been warned.

    That said, the Kit Kat Club was a gentlemen’s club owned by Eddie Nash. I am not sure if Greg Diles worked here, but Samuel Lawton Diles, his little brother did. You see, Sam did some time stemming from an assault at the Kit Kat Club. He smacked a city councilman’s drunken brother in the head with a gun. He did some prison time for this assault.

    Of all Eddie’s clubs, the few that I could not find photos for are the Soul’d Out Club, catering to black folks, and the Kit Kat Club. I can now cross Kit Kat from the bucket list.

    Photo credits:  Gary Leonard from the classic newspaper “Los Angeles Herald-Examiner”. RIP Herald!

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      I believe that’s Tito Larriva of the world famous PLUGZ (and Pee Wee’s Playhouse) in the pic 1982K…

      I know the Plugz played there in 1982 as well…


    • Holly Z 10:28 pm on April 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I’d be curious to know if it is the same Kit Kat Club that was previously owned by a Dick Baker in 1959. My grandfather was a bartender there at one point and was robbed one night at closing. The location of this particular Kit Kat Club was 608 S. Western Ave (so near Wilshire).


    • Joseph R Perry Jr 5:57 pm on September 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Im Rick ..was there Butch was the Manager Ruth was the Bartender..1979-1980

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        Hi Joseph, I would love to talk one on one, to know more about the Kit Kat. Please email the blog so we can arrange it, but only if gou want. Thx, John


        • Kevin 9:55 am on March 31, 2019 Permalink

          I worked at the kit Kay club in Lennox on Hawthorne boulevard around 1980.


        • Joseph Perry 7:50 am on September 4, 2020 Permalink

          see me on facebook…


    • Baz 4:30 pm on October 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hi there,

      I wonder if you have any more information on the Kit Kat Club.

      When it opened/closed and the address? I believe it was on Santa Monica Blvd.

      I recently acquired a hand-painted advertising board that I believe came from the club.

      Would be happy to send you a picture if you were interested.




      • John 9:58 am on October 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Baz, the site of the KK Club is now the site of a Honda car dealership. That’s all I know for now, don’t have an address.


    • localarts 12:13 pm on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Like most successful business owners, Eddie diversified.


    • Bonnie Brae 11:15 am on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      very cool pictoral.


    • John 10:46 am on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      LA Times: 1986.

      Police also suspected Diles’ brother, Samuel Lawton Diles.

      Samuel Diles, now 34, had been a bouncer at one of Nash’s clubs, the Kit Kat in Hollywood.
      In 1983, he was arrested after police said he hit Michael Nolan, the brother of Assemblyman Patrick Nolan, in the head with a gun. Diles went to prison on an assault conviction.


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        John, have you ever found any info on Tracy McCourt, the guy who drove the Ford Granada to the hit on Eddie’s place? I saw some stuff where he did time for various petty crimes well thru adulthood, but wonder if anybody knows more about him. He seems to be the odd man out from the Wonderland Gang.


        • John 7:23 am on October 14, 2013 Permalink

          Well, I have posted the post-Wonderland crimes that he committed and a few other things. I almost had his daughter and ex wife for an interview but they never responded back the second time. Do a search on McCourt or Tracy McCourt via the Search button, you’ll find more on him on this blog. Thanks for the feedback too, it’s always appreciated.


        • Sheila 12:48 pm on December 18, 2013 Permalink

          I read where he left CA and went to college in Kentucky. He moved to Colorado Springs and in 2002 he did some time for selling drugs again. He was successful in a Phone business and he died in 2006 of Hep C. He is buried in Denver CO. I think you can find it on Wikipedia.


      • Mike 10:09 pm on April 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        If you watch the movie Suburbia (1983) the KIT KAT is shown from the inside. Found this post cuz I was searching for the stripper in it, which happens to be the woman in the photo with Elliot Gould.

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsNTxT2R3kM Around the 1hr:25 mark.


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    Nash And Diles Make Front Page News, Lawyers Blame Politics 

    It must have been a slow news day in Youngstown, OH on September 9, 1988 because the charging of Nash and Diles made the front page of The Vindicator newspaper.

    Also, Eddie and Greg’s legal team blame the political ambitions of the D.A., Ira Reiner, for finally bringing charges against their clients. Ira wanted to become State Attorney General, we are told. A politician using Wonderland for political gain… that’s a first!

    Things are also a bit confusing because the article mentions Sharon Holmes and how John confessed to having a role in the crime three weeks after the murders. He confessed to her the morning of the murders, in the pink-tinged bloody bathtub water, as he cleared his conscience.

    Before going on the run three weeks after the murders, John and Dawn met Sharon at a Safeway parking lot twice in one day. One visit was to talk and ask her for money, the next was to get the money from her before leaving town.

    The new witness, Scott Thorson, is not mentioned.

    The Vindicator. Sept. 9, 1988.

    The Vindicator. Sept. 9, 1988.

    • Jenn 2:41 pm on April 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      The things he did to her were unbelievable.


      • John W 8:52 am on April 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Yes I think crack and freebase are the same thing. I feel bad for Liberace, since he had to put up with Scott Thorson’s antics. He was a crackhead who even traded that Rolls Royce to Eddie for drugs.


    • John W 9:05 am on April 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      When Holmes met Dawn in the mid-70s, he owned a custom Chevy van with vanity license plates that read: WADD
      Who knows what happened to that vehicle, he probably later sold it to score some blow or crack.


      • Jenn 11:46 am on April 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I read Dawn’s book and she doesn’t specify what happened to it only that it was broken down for a while and then gone. Sharon had what was probably a beautiful Malibu that he ran into the ground.


        • John W 12:02 pm on April 15, 2013 Permalink

          Yes and that Malibu would be worth some money today, if it was taken care of. Sharon died broke, and Dawn took her in and in recent years helped find Sharon find long term care etc. I can imagine Sharon would have been much better off without Holmes showing up and stealing / liquidating her property and assets once every few months. My older brother stole from our mother for years. I would come over and ask Where’s your TV!? He was such a sorry ass piece of shit for many years. I almost killed him a few times.


        • Jenn 2:39 pm on April 15, 2013 Permalink

          That sounds like my younger cousin who is a junkie. My aunt and uncle are raising her kids, she has stolen countless amounts of jewelry, cash, and anything else she can get her hands on. Family heirlooms, you name it. Same with my best friend of 20+ years. She gave everything but her name to her crack cocaine addiction. Is crack the same as “free base” which John Holmes was addicted to? It sounds similar. I am praying both get off drugs but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at least anytime soon. Sorry to hear about your brother. John Holmes was just a piece of crap. Any redeeming qualities he may have had he flushed down the toilet. I can’t believe Dawn survived him but thank God she did.


    • Jenn 10:41 am on April 12, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I hate to even ask this but since Holmes was from OH originally is it possible that they saw him as some kind of, well, I don’t want to say hero, but I can’t think of a better word right now. Crazier things have happened.


      • John 11:39 am on April 12, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I forgot about that, and yes maybe there is a local connection, he grew up 2-3 hours away near Columbus.


      • localarts 11:52 am on April 12, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        There was certainly alot of posters on the IMDB forum that considered him a hero. As one poster put it, “the only thing bigger than his dick was his heart” and of course the lady that baked him a birthday cake..


        • Jenn 11:45 am on April 15, 2013 Permalink

          People are crazy……..If he was just a porno star and that’s it, fine. I can understand people being star struck or awestruck over his assets. But when I think of him I think what a piece of crap to set up people to rob and kill to feed his habit. I can’t past what kind of person he was to even be fascinated with the rest of him.


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    Nash And Diles Charged With Murder – Face Death Penalty 

    To all of the Wonderland fans, have a Happy Easter!

    To all of the Wonderland fans… I hope you have a Happy Easter!

    Nash and Diles retained Leslie Abramson as their attorney in the 1990 trial? She would later go on to defend other notorious individuals, most notably Phil Spector and the Menendez brothers. Sorry the photo is a bit bleached out, but it is still interesting enough to post here.

    Diles and Nash sit in the holding pen at court

    Diles and Nash sit in the holding pen at court

    September 20, 1988, The Press-Courier

    Lots of typos in this article. Someone hire a proofreader!!

    Lots of typos in this article. Someone hire a proofreader.

    • Eric B. 8:38 am on March 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Something that occurred to me yesterday was a similarity betweeen the killings and a scene in Clerks. Randall (in Clerks) concluded that innocent workers had died in Return of the Jedi while working on the second Death Star, since those people were skilled in construction, not (unknowingly yet to the audience, cloned) soldiers. Barbara Richardson and Susan Launius were aware of what was going on at Wonderland, but most likely not skilled in drug dealing and scheming. Thoughts?


      • John W 10:44 am on March 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Susan was only there for 16 hours prior to the murders. She had been separated from Ron for a long time. I doubt she knew anything about the robbery. Barbara was present was present during the planning stages for the robbery. Less innocent, but yes I do not think Eddie planned on 3 women being there, not that he, Diles or assailants had much of a conscience.


        • scabiesoftherat 11:08 pm on April 1, 2013 Permalink

          Wow. Only 16 hours. That is like the kid at Sharon Tate’s house. Just stopped in at the exact wrong time. The way I see Susan is that she left Launius for a reason. Probably because he wouldn’t give up his ways. Richardson coulda been one of those really naive girls who just stayed out of the business. IF Lind was like they say he was, I could really see that. Course, all we have to go by is the movie…


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    The Nash Robbery And The Aftermath 

    According to David Lind, the gang used Liquid Band-Aid on their fingertips during the Nash robbery. This was to avoid leaving fingerprints and to allow them to be more nimble with their hands; tying people up, holding guns, searching the house for drugs and valuables, and to open the safe. The Liquid Band-Aid idea was allegedly Barbara Richardson’s, as she and Joy had attended the planning meetings for the robbery.

    When the gang arrived back at Wonderland, Lind immediately pointed at Holmes and told Ron Launius not to tell Holmes anything. Joy and Barbara left and headed to the Canyon Store for cigs and booze, while John paced and waited in the living room. Billy, Ron and Dave were splitting up and taking inventory of the loot in Ron’s bedroom.  They hid most of the drugs and cash there, and brought out some drugs and cash to party with and also to give John and Tracy their shares. 

    Susan Launius arrived the morning of Tuesday, June 30, 1981. It was the day after the robbery and the day before the murders. I am not sure if Lind met her or not before he left that day. Ron either flew her down from Yuba City or Marysville, or picked her up in Tujunga, north of Burbank. She was said to have lived in Tujunga in the early newspaper accounts of the murders. It would have taken Ronnie an hour or two to drive there and bring her back to Wonderland that day. Susan stated that she was wearing blue jeans, brown heels and a top upon arrival at the house. In the crime scene video, you can see a big suitcase in Ron’s room. I don’t know what she did in Tujunga or up north for a living or if she lived with family or a friend. Early news articles for the murders list her age at 25, others at 29. I think 29 was correct or she would have been 15 when she married Ron in 1971. 19 years old sounds more appropriate. Oh! …an interesting thing to note is… during her courtroom testimony, Susan only remembers seeing Ron and you guessed it… Joy Miller!

    It's a shame that Joy only had two lines in the movie. The deleted scene with she and Holmes is funny.

    It’s a shame that Joy only had two lines in the movie. The deleted scene with she and Holmes is funny. I found this pic on a foot fetish web site as I was searching for Joy Miller via Google Images. Classic internet. I love you.

    So, Joy must have made quite an impression on Susan. I also find it interesting, that no matter what is said about Ron, he was at least trying to get back together with his estranged wife. A reconciliation, a new start so to speak. Not many drug-crazed murdering maniacs do that sort of thing, in my opinion. Ronnie now had “long time money” as well. But who knows… in six months he probably would have been broke again.

    Nash did not need to be a genius to figure out who had robbed him. Holmes had just left the Nash house a few minutes before the gang invaded the home. Holmes had also been there three times in the early morning, doing freebase and unlocking doors. Of course, Nash and Diles could put two and two together. The Gang and Holmes were idiots to overlook the obvious. They even ignored Tracy McCourt’s concerns once they were back at the house. It was all drugs, drugs, drugs. McCourt was the only person who was scared when they arrived back at Wonderland. He went home to North Hollywood a short while later, on his own. I wonder where he was when he saw the news reports two days later…?

    Summa baby Bummaa!

    Summa baby Bummaa!


    The Robbery and Aftermath

    David Lind: At Nash’s there was a chain-link gate that we just pushed open; we went to the sliding-glass doors that were left open by Holmes — and entered the guest bedroom. There was a doorway leading into the hallway, and I saw Gregory Diles, the bodyguard, a 300-pound black man, coming out of the kitchen with a serving tray in his hands.

    I shouted, “Freeze! Police! You are under arrest!”

    And then Ronnie and Billy also threw down on Eddie Nash.

    I had a leather case containing a San Francisco police officer’s badge, and we all identified ourselves as police officers, and we were all armed. So we handcuffed Gregory Diles and lay him on his stomach. But while I was cuffing Diles, Ronnie bumped my arm and the gun went off.

    Tracy McCourt: I was sitting in the car waiting for them when I heard a real loud noise and knew it had to be a gunshot. It sounded like a Magnum, but I calmed down by telling myself that any of the neighbors would have thought it was a load of lumber falling off a truck.

    Dodge D50 4x4 Pick Up. Was this Billy's or Ron's vehicle? Source: LAPD Crime Scene Video

    Dodge D50 4×4 Pick Up. Was this Billy or Ron’s vehicle? Source: LAPD Crime Scene Video

    David Lind: When the shot went off, Eddie Nash immediately fell to his knees. Diles wasn’t shot or anything, he just suffered some powder burns and bled a little.

    So I finished handcuffing him and laid him on the floor and put a throw rug over his head so he couldn’t see what we were doing. Eddie Nash was on his knees with his hands behind his head. Then Ron and Billy took Nash into his bedroom and I followed.

    Eddie was asked to lie facedown on the carpet of his bedroom. Ron went to a wardrobe closet where there was a floor safe, and asked Nash for the combination. Then Ronnie opened the safe and withdrew a half-pound zip-lock storage bag, which was approximately three-quarters full of cocaine.

    The Wonderland Spanish DVD Cover and New Title: "Excesses: At Your Own Risk"

    The Wonderland Spanish DVD Cover and New Title: “Excesses: At Your Own Risk”

    John had told us earlier that there was also a laboratory vial — approximately eight to ten inches in length, half an inch in diameter, full of heroin, which he called China white — and that it was in the area of Eddie Nash’s dresser. We picked that up, and also an attaché case full of money and jewelry. We found everything.

    Inside the attaché case was a considerable sum of money in twenties, fifties, and hundred-dollar bills, and a considerable amount of jewelry — gold jewelry and diamonds.

    Then I taped up Gregory Diles and removed the handcuffs, because the handcuffs could have been identified by what was engraved on them, and went to the bedroom and taped up Eddie Nash and threw a sheet over him.

    1975 Ford Granada. This type of car was used by the gang in the robbery. The movie used a different car.

    1975 Ford Granada. This type of car was used by the gang in the robbery. The movie used a different car.

    After that, as we were getting ready to leave, Ronnie started to question Diles about the whereabouts of the rest of the stuff, then pulled out a knife and started to cut him, but I told Ronnie, “We’ve got everything we need here. Let’s go.”

    So I opened the front door and signaled to Tracy McCourt. He started to back the car up. Then we all split.

    John was waiting inside the door when we arrived back at Wonderland Avenue. The first thing he wanted to know was exactly what had happened. He was very excited about it, but I told Ron not to tell him anything.

    The condos where Eddie lives in Tarzana. Present day.

    The condos where Eddie lives in Tarzana. Present day.

    David Lind: There were five of us involved in the robbery. Ronnie Launius, Billy Deverell, and myself were to [each] receive 25 percent of what we took. And John Holmes and Tracy McCourt were to split the remaining 25 percent of the drugs and the money. Everybody was in a pretty good mood after the success of the robbery, and we just got high.

    I don’t remember when John left. I do remember when I left. I left approximately nine or ten o’clock the next morning (Tuesday).

    And that was the last time I saw any of them alive.

    "This town is a f**king desert!"

    “This town is a f**king desert!”


    The Other Hollywood by Legs McNeil

    Susan Launius’ Testimony at John Holmes Trial

    David Lind’s Testimony and Statements to Police

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    • Pixie 4:36 pm on June 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Am now reading the Souza and Lange book, and in this book, it says that Jamie McGuan was also present during this robbery. She was allegedly high on heroin and in and out of consciousness during the robbery. I’m surprised David dint’ mention it.


    • Oklahoma Cowboy 8:31 pm on July 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Pardon my ignorance, but has anyone considered Tracy McCourt as a possible suspect? His alibi of going home alone is pretty thin.


      • JohnnyFan 4:12 pm on September 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Tracy was too weak and stupid to take down Ronnie, let alone bludgeon four people to death. That’s why he was relegated to duty as their wheel-man for the Nash hit. Besides, Lind had taken away Tracy’s gun.


    • localarts 10:07 am on March 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I remember David lind said a guy by the name of Jimmy Arias a.k.a Mr Vegas showed up at wonderland that morning to put launius on a plane for his court appearance. It was Arias that called Lind ane told him not to go to the wonderland house, everybody was dead. I’ve always wondered who Arias was.


      • John 12:58 pm on March 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Interesting! I had not read of this before. I know that one of Holmes producer buddies, “Amerson”?, told people a hit man showed up to take down the gang for some debt they owed or stole…he told Amerson, “they were already dead when I got there”.


        • localarts 4:34 pm on March 29, 2013 Permalink

          That was Linds testimony in the the first trial. The hitman Amerson is referring to was a man by the name of Paul Kelly. Kelly was one of Howard Cook’s enforcers and was subpoenaed to testify in the Nash trial, Kelly took the 5th.


    • localarts 6:45 pm on March 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I remember reading that launius had a July 1st court date in Sacremento for driving a stolen car… I wonder if that 75 Granada was the second car he stole?? That Dodge was probably a neighbors vehicle.


      • John 7:48 am on March 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, I read about his court date also. I don’t think he was planning on going, dead or not. hahaa


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    1981 News Clipping: Greg Diles Had Gun Battle With Cops 

    November 25, 1981 – Cops find two pounds of cocaine valued at $1M after the second raid on Nash’s home.

    July 10, 1981 – During the first raid on Nash’s house, Greg Diles had a “brief gun battle” with cops at the onset of the raid. By the way, Diles once chased a man from one of Eddie’s clubs and fired six shots across several lanes of traffic on Santa Monica Blvd at two o’clock in the afternoon. Nobody was injured.

    You cannot make this stuff up!

    Sarasota Herald-Tribune, December 8, 1981

    Sarasota Herald-Tribune, December 8, 1981

    • scabiesoftherat 11:27 pm on March 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      More great stuff here, John. Isn’t it amazing that these two,…Nash and Diles, can get leveled with felonies and still make bail? Just what is a “brief gun battle” exactly? Fire two shots, hopelessly miss and then drop your guns and quit?…and then arrest him on another charge. LA is so screwed up, man.
      So his wife actually put him up for protection and was trying to get him to co-operate with the cops? Was that in the movie? I mighta missed it. Isn’t that aiding and abetting if you are hiding a fugitive?

      Great article, John. I don’t know where you find them but just keep them coming….Good Job, Man


      • John W 6:15 am on March 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Susan Launius was 25 at the time of the murders, some reports say 29. Either way, when she and Ron married in 71, she would have been a teenager. He was about 27. He was honorably discharged in 1970. One early article said he spent a few months in the brig. I wonder what he did to get military jail time? Drugs? Or stealing. He worked in Logistics Command in the USAF. He had access to supplies and equipment….


        • scabiesoftherat 12:29 am on March 22, 2013 Permalink

          I read somewhere,…and I can’t remember where,….so you can dismiss me right now and I won’t be offended,…that he smuggled heroin in the carcasses of dead soldiers coming home from the battlefields of Vietnam. That’s pretty cold. Did you ever hear Holmes on record talking about Wonderland? Talkin smack about Lind and all? They were in a restaurant. Just talkin’ over coffee and shit….like it was nothing. You really need head phones for it but it is kinda worth it in regards to how Holmes was introduced to the Wonderland gang. Here’s the link. Follow it to part two after part one:


          What a character,…that John Holmes. I really think he did sell his soul to the devil. What his wife saw in him, I haven’t a clue,….oh, that’s right….the d**k. As Emily Litella would say,….”Nevermind…..”

          Geez. Was it all worth that crap?…really. In my eyes, Launius looks like a St. next to holmes. (capitalization omitted on purpose)


        • James DelCol 8:20 am on June 10, 2013 Permalink

          Ron Launius was caught smuggling heroin from Thailand, but this was not so unusual. So many GI’s were caught doing this. You would be shocked to hear high ranking officials were caught doing the same thing. BTW Ron received an Honorable Discharge. The movie states he received a dishonorable discharge. Misinformation for dramatic effect happens in US movies and news. Check your sources. American bullshit is pretty nefarious.
          “Drugs did not only affect the lower ranks. In 1970 an Air Force major was apprehended at Tan Son Nhut air base near Saigon with $8 million dollars worth of heroin in his aircraft. In 1971 a colonel was court-martialed for leading marijuana parties in his squadron. Nor were U.S. security forces immune: that year 43 military policemen at Cam Ranh Air Force Base were arrested in narcotics raids. At Pleiku, a newly arrived lieutenant was gunned down in front of his entire platoon by four Army drug dealers. The company and battalion commanders were relieved of their commands; the feeling was both should have known about the drug dealing in their command. In 1971 U.S. customs at an Army post in New Jersey seized about 15 pounds of heroin from Bangkok in a package mailed through the U.S. military postal system. In March and April 1971 248 pieces of mail containing drugs were detected by customs in the Army and Air Force postal systems.”
          Robert D. Heinl, Jr., “The Collapse of the Armed Forces,”in Marvin E. Gettleman et. al., Vietnam and America, (New York: Grove Press), 1995, p. 329; James Kittfield, Prodigal Soldiers, (New York: Simon & Schuster), 1995, p. 189, 190; McCoy, p. 259.


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    1990 L.A. Times Article (Nash Trial). Man Screaming “Don’t Kill Me” Had To Be Deverell 

    Ron Launius was lying in bed covered by a blanket. He was killed in his sleep while in a heroin slumber, as he was probably out of it. He had no defense wounds. Billy was the only other guy in the house that night, so it must have been him screaming “Don’t kill me”. I think the movie had that right, that he let the killers in, and was forced back up the stairs. I also think it was correct that after the robbery, Billy was in charge of the front door, deciding who came and went… as told by David Lind. Billy would have let Holmes into the house. The movie had it right.


    The grisly killings–punctuated by the screams of a man pleading, “Don’t kill me!” which awakened at least one resident of the rustic canyon neighborhood in the pre-dawn hours of July 1, 1981–took place in a house on Wonderland Avenue once occupied by members of the rock ‘n’ roll band Paul Revere and the Raiders. Just down the block was a home owned by then-Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr.

    There was no evidence of forced entry into the house. The bodies were discovered several hours after the killings by a professional mover working next door who entered through an open front door after hearing a woman moaning.

    Read more


    • Darcymarie 5:13 pm on April 6, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I also think Deverell answered the door & probably ran away as he was getting attacked , I think Barbara was asleep & maybe awoke but was too stoned to fight back…. I mean they were all probably super stoned. Does anyone know what happened to the stash? Of any of it was recovered or what? I know the jewelry was fenced ….


      • John 7:44 am on April 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I think the stash was all taken by the intruders, but not kept at Nash’s house, but hidden elsewhere.


    • scabiesoftherat 12:33 am on March 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting side note: Paul Revere and the Raiders not only occupied the Wonderland house, pre-murders. They also occupied the Sharon Tate house at 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon,…pre-murders. Fun facts to know and tell.


    • Bonnie Brae 6:04 pm on March 18, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      muy muy interesante!


      • scabiesoftherat 11:31 pm on March 18, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        This has always vexed me to a certain degree. Deverell was found upstairs by the TV. Barbara Richardson never moved off the couch because she still had the bed covers on. Launius was out to lunch. Susan was not found in bed but on the floor of the back bedroom. She was there all of a week, right? My guess is that she was as hard-headed as her husband….to a certain degree. Maybe she could have answered the door. I don’t know. If everyone was asleep, as they appear to have been, it would have made no sense for him to be let in. There had to be a damn good reason for him to be let in when everyone was actually sleeping…like lost keys or a lost credit card,…
        I wonder if there was some dialogue in regards to gettin’ Nash’s bootle back. The criminals aren’t saying. The victims (save for one) are dead. With all that ransacking, maybe they were looking for their stuff and when it wasn’t there, that’s when the pipes were swung. Billy may have been forced to take them on a tour of the house before the killings. I don’t know. Just a thought. Sorry about sappin’ the bandwidth with this comment. Thought-provoking article however.


        • John 8:53 am on March 19, 2013 Permalink

          Good observations! I think we are starting to piece things together nicely!


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