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  • John 5:37 am on January 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Eddie Nash Goes On TV – Declares Innocence 

    Suspects who turn out to be guilty (Steven Avery) usually go on television to declare their innocence. And so did one Eddie Nash. Check him out here on NBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles: New suit and tie, hair nicely styled, a face lift? What a smooth talker. All this shit will be in my book, which is titled “Angels in the Smog – The True Story of the Wonderland Murders.”  Release date: TBD.

    I am still checking email, but I have to go MIA for a while from the blog because I have stuff to do. Thanks for your support and for visiting this blog, which has over 800,000 views in 4 years. Thank you for coming here for the truth.

    The Nash - doing what all killers do - go on TV

    The Nash, using his hands a lot … a sign of guilt?  LA New Times, May 2001. NBC Channel 4 LA.

    Legend has it that when the arrest warrant was issued for him after he was caught disobeying a judge’s order during the RICO investigation (talking on an illegal phone in his house to gangsters about marijuana), he was on vacation with that wife of his in China. What a long flight back knowing you’re going to jail. Poor Eddie. I hope the in-flight movie was not Shawshank, because everyone in prison is innocent. You didn’t know that?

    Although housed at a federal jail for the RICO beef, Eddie knew the LA county jail well, as he spent two years there awaiting his murder trials of the early 1990s – He was kept separated from the general population like OJ, Todd Bridges, Menendez brothers, Richard Ramirez, etc.

    Todd was neighbors in jail with Eddie but the two could not relate, although both killers got along well. “Ed was older than me, but a really nice guy”, said Todd. Bridges is a killer who got off thanks to Johnnie Cochran. Bridges suddenly forgot what happened that day when he killed that crackhead. My God, the damage that hack lawyer did to the justice system:

    But defense attorney Johnnie Cochran argued that Bridges was so intoxicated with cocaine at the time of the incident that even if he did shoot the victim, he could not have intended to kill him. Therefore, Cochran argued, Bridges should not be convicted.

    -LA Times, Nov 4, 1989

    Back to Nash…  “he got punked around pretty good by some black guys in there, he did not have a pleasant stay” (allegedly) while serving his three year sentence at Terminal Island Federal Prison in the early 2000s for his RICO activities. Included in the indictment was John Holmes (by then deceased), and three of Nash’s arson and fraud buddies from the old days, all of whom were stumbling bumbling idiots the Nash used as buffers.

    Terminal Island is the former home of Charles Manson, Tim Leary and heroin addict & jazz singer Anita O’Day, among others (Al Capone). The exterior of the prison is also featured in a few crime movies. Don’t drop the soap.

    • Bobby 5:39 am on January 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Ye-haw, great find John! Have you thought about getting NBC Channel 4 to dig up the footage for you? Don’t know the deal over there in the States but here in Oz you can get just about anything from the networks for a nominal fee. The fact that you can say you require it as research material for your book might get you a little further. Anyway, great to hear the book is coming along nicely – bravo. I like the new title but have to say I also thought the original “Chasing the Dragon” was pretty rock solid and had a very seedy/more compelling feel to it. I’m sure you have very good reasons for changing it though.. keen to find out. take care mang, Bobby PS: When will we see those new photos of Ronnie? 😉

      • John 5:32 am on January 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Bobby for the kind words. The original title was too common and too many books of all genres already have that title.

        • Gayle 12:30 am on January 26, 2016 Permalink

          I agree. I like the new title.

  • John 7:18 am on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Nash Lawyer Defended DeLorean, Al Cowlings & Snoop Dogg 

    Brought to you by Harvey Levin Productions.

    Brought to you by Harvey Levin Productions.

    And they all got off, for the most part. I need to put Donald Re’s number in my cellphone but I can’t afford him.

    The TMZ head honcho, Harvey Levin, is also quoted. That TMZ show is THE WORST! All they do is hang out at LAX and wait for B-lister celebs & rappers to come walking by. Yeah, that’s great reporting. It’s highly financed paparazzi machine!

    Station Retracts Report on Simpson Prosecutor | July 16, 1994

    A television station today retracted a report that a prosecutor had been videotaped at O. J. Simpson’s estate before a search warrant was issued.

    “We want to apologize,” said Harvey Levin, a reporter for the station, KCBS, during a noon newscast. “We now have reason to believe that we made a mistake in one of our reports.”

    The station had said that Marcia Clark, the assistant District Attorney in charge of the Simpson case, was at Mr. Simpson’s house on June 13 at least 17 minutes before the warrant was signed by a judge at 10:45 A.M. The station said its videotape showing Ms. Clark there had been automatically stamped with the time when it was transmitted to the station.

    But today the station said the time marked on the tape might indicate that the tape had been transmitted at 10:28 P.M., not 10:28 A.M., as had been reported earlier. The later transmission time would mean that the video could not be used to determine whether Ms. Clark was on the property before or after the warrant was issued. It would indicate only that she was there sometime during the day.

    The District Attorney’s office has denied that Ms. Clark was at the Simpson house before the warrant was issued. Search Was in Question

    The report had raised questions about the legality of the search at Mr. Simpson’s estate the day after his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald L. Goldman were stabbed to death outside Ms. Simpson’s condominium.

    “We have reasonable doubt, so we are retracting the story,” said Sybil MacDonald, director of media relations for KCBS.

    Suzanne Childs, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s office, said that prosecutors appreciated the retraction, adding, “We are all very concerned about seeking fairness and justice.”

    Someone close to the investigation told The Associated Press that Ms. Clark had arrived at the house at 12:30 P.M. and had stayed about an hour to watch the search, which had already turned up bloodstains and a bloody glove.

    If Ms. Clark had helped search the estate before the warrant was issued, it would have enhanced the efforts of Mr. Simpson’s defense lawyers to persuade a judge to exclude from the trial any evidence seized at the mansion. Delay for Prosecutors

    In other developments in the case today, a judge granted prosecutors two more weeks to decide whether to charge Mr. Simpson’s longtime friend, Al Cowlings, with helping Mr. Simpson flee after murder charges were announced.

    A deputy District Attorney, Jaime Hernandez, told the judge that prosecutors were still investigating Mr. Cowlings’s role in the 60-mile freeway chase that was televised nationally on June 17.

    Mr. Cowlings, a former football teammate of Mr. Simpson, is free on $250,000 bail and has not been formally charged.

    The freeway chase, with Mr. Cowlings at the wheel and Mr. Simpson in the back with a gun to his own head, ended after Mr. Cowlings pulled into the driveway of Mr. Simpson’s home and Mr. Simpson surrendered.

    Outside court today, Mr. Cowlings’s lawyer, Donald Re, said Mr. Cowlings should be praised.

    “This man is a hero,” Mr. Re said of Mr. Cowlings, adding, “This man risked his life to try to save his friend, and he did it.” Mr. Re said Mr. Cowlings’s life had been in danger because the police might have shot him.

    Mr. Simpson’s lawyer, Robert L. Shapiro, has said that Mr. Simpson had planned to go to his former wife’s grave and commit suicide and that Mr. Cowlings had talked him out of it.

    Mr. Re said that if Mr. Simpson’s passport and $10,000 had been in the car during the chase, Mr. Cowlings had been unaware of them. The police said they had found the passport and cash in Mr. Cowlings’s vehicle after Mr. Simpson surrendered.

    • John 9:24 am on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Donald Re also defended the two guys from the movie, Falcon and the Snowman…starring Spicoli and Timothy Hutton.

    • localarts 12:02 pm on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      That was a good move, remember it well. Nash was just another notch in Re’s belt but when it comes to defense attorney’s Gerry Spence is numero uno!

      • John 12:51 pm on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        But if you are suing somebody, then it’s Jackie Childs… (Seinfeld LOL)

    • localarts 5:02 pm on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      LOL!! Yes. None better than Jackie.

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